Make Your Pathshala | Short Essay Writing

Tatva rasik Sadharmi,
Jai Jinendra✨!

We are at a time when entire human race is put to a test. Hopefully, we all are trying to make these days worthwhile by being engrossed into religious studies, contemplation and meditation. We wish that peace prevails everywhere.

The Pathshalas are one of the strongest mediums of communicating the message of the Jina.

In order to ensure optimum productivity and efficiency, we invite short essays  which would focus on how to judiciously run these pathshalas in the current scenario.

The topics for the short essay may include the following:

✏️ Purpose of Pathshalas
✏️ Features of Pathshala teacher
✏️ According to the present time, by which method should children be taught?

Other topics / problems related to Pathshalas can also be included in this short essay.

1. Scholars, teachers and other members of the pathshala and Jain community are encouraged to participate.

2. Creativity and psychological , rational thinking and ideas relating teaching techniques will be given more importance.

3. Out of all the articles, 3 best articles will be rewarded –
First Prize: ₹ 2100
Second Prize: ₹ 1500
Third Prize: ₹ 1000

4. Essays can be written in Hindi or English or both exceeding not more than 500–600 words.

5. Type your article or you may send a scanned copy of the handwritten text in PDF format.

6. The article must be received by 10th April, 2020 via WhatsApp +91-9131694446 Or e-mail: [email protected].  For any other queries, contact +91-9131694446.

7. Results will be declared by April 30, 2020

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Swaroop Sthirta Foundation | Jinswara