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Discussion Forum

Every question needs an answer. We like to discuss topics and find the answer to our queries of each day lives using Quora, yahoo answers, reddit or StackOverflow. 
Jainism has twelve angs(parts) which offer infinite topics to read and learn about. Discussion and queries on topics are certain and expected.
Through JinSwara discussion forum, each query related to Jainism is asked and answered on a single website. 

Salient Features:

1. No language restriction.
Discussion can be made in Hindi, English or any language.
2. Image Uploading.
Reference images can be uploaded easily for better discussion.
3. Other features.
Every feature included in a discussion forum like link sharing, mentioning a user, quoting text is present.


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JinSwara Concall

Why concall?

Swadhyay(self-study) or reading Jinvani regularly plays an important part in the life of a Jain disciple. It is one among the six rituals to be performed daily.
People living in the city have busy lives and are far away from temples. After a tiresome day of work and studies, people find it difficult to concentrate while reading Jinvani alone. They sometimes have queries but are unable to ask and forget it afterward. 

What is concall?

JinSwara Concall is an online swadhyay platform to join sadharmis from different cities and let them read & discuss Jinvani. 

Salient Features:

1. Online Class. 
This class being online provides anyone sitting anywhere to connect and do swadhyay. All the queries while reading can be easily solved by discussing it with other sadharmis online. 
2. Most Suitable Time.
The time of class is 9-9:30 PM IST which is suitable for most professionals and college students. This is the time when they are free from their respective works and are wrapping up their days to go to bed.
3. Easy process of Joining.
The joining process is very easy in terms of technological aspects. JinSwara uses Zoom app for hosting the class. This app has an easy interface to use so anyone without any technical knowledge can use it.
4. Recording.
The classes are recorded for future use. If anyone misses any class, they can watch the recording on YouTube channel of JinSwara.

Books/Topics Taken in Swadhyay Till Date:

  • Dravya- Gun-Paryay
  • Shri Bhavdeepika written by Pandit Deepchand Ji Kasliwal
  • Shri Param Bhav Prakashak Naychakra written by Dr. H.C. Bharill
  • Nimitt-Upadan written by Dr. H.C. Bharill
  • Anekant-Syadwad written by Dr. H.C. Bharill
  • Barah Bhavna – Ek Anushilan written by Dr. H.C. Bharill(on going)

How to Join Concall?

  • Download Zoom app from playstore or appstore.
  • Click on the link provided 15 minutes before the class in WhatsApp group.
  • Enter your name and Click on Join via Phone Audio.

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YouTube Videos

Videos are the best way to explain a concept. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. This surely doesn’t include videos related to Jainism every minute.
Anyone seeking knowledge about Jainism can visit JinSwara YouTube channel for short courses and animation short story videos. JinSwara aims to create short videos on various topics of Jainism in English and Hindi.
You can also play a collection of bhakti organized well as playlists on the YouTube channel. Besides this, all the class recordings are uploaded on the channel for future use.

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Database of Images

A picture is worth a thousand words. An image can explain many things in a much better way.  While there are many pictures floating on the internet, there is no centralized place where one can find pictures related to Jainism.
JinSwara Flickr profile aims to provide the largest library of pictures related to Jainism. Everything from pictures of Jain temple to charts can be found in the JinSwara Flickr.

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Jain Flatmates Community

Since there was no specific group for Jain people, we had the idea came up to make a separate group for Jain people.
It is very difficult to find Jain people in an unknown city, so you can post all your queries in this group. The Jain Sadharmis in that city will surely help you.
This group is for every city. One can post all queries related to Jainism whether he/she is looking for a flatmate, Jain Dharamshala, restaurant in an unknown city on this group.

This group is on FaceBook and is public.


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Future Endeavours can be read here.