JinSwara was launched on 24 August 2017 with the motive to digitalize Jainism. It is a small attempt to combine technology with Jainism or an opportunity to utilize your smart devices for learning Jainism with almost no efforts.
JinSwara provides online services and platforms like a discussion forum, video courses, image library, etc for simpler access to resources and knowledgeable concepts of Jainism.
JinSwara makes your life easier by taking you into the world of Jainism at one click. It combines the art of living in the light of Jainism with the technological aspects of today’s world.

Problem statement

In the modern world of technology, we rely on Google search for everything. The Internet provides a solution to each and everyday life problems we face. Whether it is a train ticket or a word definition, we head directly to the internet.
This habit of ours impacts our religion too. We want to find information about Jainism on the internet but search engines fail to give satisfactory results. You want to listen to songs, you type the song name and thousands of results come. You need
information about the topic. Go to google, search for the topic and get everything along with
expert analysis.
You are getting bored. Let’s talk to friends and discuss new things. Again thousands of platforms at ease in your mobile.
Had a query about Jainism? Wish to do swadhyay online? Want to listen to bhajans while you commute to the office? Do you like singing that particular path or bhakti but don’t remember the lyrics?
Yes!! Let’s look on the internet. No results found!! 404 error: requested URL doesn’t exist !!
This site isn’t responsive on mobile. 🙁
We are trying to solve that. Digitalisation of Jainism has not been done properly till now. Some of the people have tried to digitalize Jainism lately but have failed due to lack of technical knowledge and enthusiasm. We can’t find any well-curated content Jainism on the internet.

Solution We are providing

Once आचार्यकल्प पंडित श्री टोडरमल जी was asked “Why are you writing Tika (सम्यग्ज्ञानचंद्रिका) of such Great Scripture (श्री गोमटसार)? Instead, just read and teach.”
He replied fluently: अन्य जीवों को ग्रन्थ अभ्यास कराने का संयोग दुर्लभ है और यदि संयोग तो तो किन्ही जीवों का अभ्यास हो पाता है तथा ग्रन्थ की टीका रचने से पारम्परागत अनेक जीवों को अर्थ का ज्ञान होगा | 
That’s what we are trying to solve at JinSwara. A small step to digitalize all the content of Jainism to make it easily accessible by all current & yet-to-come future generations. JinSwara aims to digitalize Jainism on the internet and make it easily
accessible to everyone. JinSwara is an open source hub for Jainism. It’s easy to get a bhajan, pujan, path or Jain community at one click.

Features of JinSwara

  • Free of cost for lifetime. 
  • No irritating ads while you surf. 
  • Easy search feature. 
  • Responsive websites to have an aesthetic mobile view. 
  • Notifications by emails for new events and features. 
  • Frequent updates about new topics.

Who can use JinSwara?

Anyone who wishes to seek knowledge about Jainism should take a glance at JinSwara at least once. The bhajan singers, the Swadhyayis, a fresh Jain learner or a person interested in Tatvacharcha/discussions can use JinSwara.