Open Source Hub For Jainism

A Step to Digitalize Jainism

Swadhyay(self-study) or reading Jinvani regularly plays an important part in the life of a Jain disciple. It is one among the six rituals to be performed daily.

People living in the city have busy lives and are far away from temples. After a tiresome day of work and studies, people find it difficult to concentrate while reading Jinvani alone. They sometimes have queries but are unable to ask and forget it afterward.

JinSwara Concall is an online swadhyay platform to join sadharmis from different cities and let them read & discuss Jinvani.

In the times where memory is getting blunt with every passing day, we bring thi you a collection of the lyrics of Jinendra Bhaktis, Poojas and Paths enjoyed by our whole Digambar Community.

Now, just grab a mic with "bhakti" towards Lord God in your heart and never keep yourself from immersing into the whole new ocean of peace.

Alone we can get lost and together we can find a way.

You might've lost many a times in the dark forest of doubts regarding Jainism.

We're offering you a team of volunteers who can help you as a search partner in the quest of bliss treasure. Get benefitted from their luminous minds and have a fruitful run.

Put up your question regarding any Anuyog and answer other's questions with your knowledge and wit and we as a team will help you find yours.

A picture speaks thousand words.

Think what 30 pictures a second will do.

We at JinSwara YouTube channel bring to you interesting facts to feed your always wondering mind, some unsaid moral stories and whatever you desire to learn about Jainism.

A seed can help the earth bloom with life.

A thought can help your life change.

And what's better than receiving it everyday in well designed format?

Well our outer packing gives competition to the inner product too.

Thoughts and quotes from scriptures and scholars on our Flickr handle.

Open Source Hub For Jainism

A Step to Digitalize Jainism