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Jain scriptures’ digitization work

What are we doing?

• Converting book pdf into text format.
• Uploading them on JinSwara forum.

What are the benefits of text format?

• Easy search across multiple books.
• No downloading required for reading.
• Less time to load a book. Saves data.
• Easy sharing of a particular section instead of the full book.
• Interlinking of books for reference is possible.

What can you do to help?

• Choose a book yourself or ask us for book suggestion.
• Convert it to text with our process of converting pdf to text. (Can be discussed personally with interested people)
• Format and Upload it to the forum.

How will you be benefitted by this?

• You are becoming a part of a big project of digitization of Jainism. The future generation will remember you.
• Automatic swadhyay of the book you will convert.
• Recognization from the Jain community for this work.

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Translation of Jain Scriptures

If you are good at Hindi to English translation, you can join us in translating scriptures to English.

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YouTube Videos

Type of Videos:

  • Tutorials on different topics. (English)
  • Animated stories

How can you help?

  • If you are good at animations, you can contribute to animated videos.
  • You can write script for the video. (Must have some experience of writing.)
  • You can provide content that can be used to make videos. (English Content Preferred.)

In case you have some good ideas that can be implemented, reach out to our team.